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Lip Plumping

Have you ever dreamed of fuller, plumper lips? If so, you aren’t alone. But do you have options other than derma fillers, artificial products, needles and surgical procedures? Absolutely! In fact, you don’t have to go far. Pearly Whites Laser Dentistry & Aesthetics in Tacoma offers LipLase℠ as a natural, non-invasive alternative to fillers.

What is LipLase℠? LipLase℠ is a laser treatment designed to stimulate the natural collagen production in and around the lips, which gives you fuller lips overtime. There’s nothing injected into your lips, rather, the stimulation will allow your natural collagen reproduction to grow on its own. Because this is a natural process, LipLase℠ will actually reverse aging, not just give the appearance of it.

What can you expect when you opt for a LipLase℠ treatment plan? Each treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, and will have you on with your day shortly after. Additionally, a touch-up appointment once or twice a year after will keep your lips young and healthy longer. You will start to have visible results anywhere from 3 to 9 weeks after your first treatment, as the collagen begins to reproduce and fill!

If you’ve ever wondered if naturally plumper lips was a possibility, the answer is yes! We can start your journey to young, healthy, beautiful lips right here in Tacoma. Give our office a call for questions or a consult, and we would love to get you scheduled.

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